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The Law Firm

Located in the city of Alicante, it was established in 2001 by Sènakpon Gbassi, a law graduate from Paris and Alicante.

In 1995 he obtained the French Law diploma “Certificat d’Aptitude à la profession d’Avocat”. Later, in 2001, he obtained, at the University of Alicante, the Law Degree (University of Alicante, 2001).

He collaborates with the French Consulate General in Madrid and has another law firm in Valencia.

Wills, donations and inheritances

We advise non-residents on the preparation of their will. We appraise assets and make a prediction of your taxes and costs. We take charge of the total management of inheritances in Spain or France, whether friendly or judicial.

Purchase and sale of property

We accompany the client, always in their language, from inquiring about the property and the calculation of foreseeable costs until the actual registration of the property.

We apply French law in Spain

We issue the certificate of effect for French laws regarding family law and inheritance law.

We enforce foreign rulings in Spain

We enforce rulings passed inside and outside the European Union.

Traffic accidents

Use the legal defence of your insurance and allow us to manage your file.

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